Our Services

We provide a comprehensive suite of services for clients seeking to plan and achieve 100% renewable energy and carbon negative targets. Specifically, we are able to provide information, energy supply planning and strategy, financial modeling, and support for planning and implementing legal, regulatory, tendering, and contractual frameworks to enable these goals.

  • Energy Supply Planning and Strategy

    Our staff are able to provide proprietary, long-term, energy supply and demand projections based on forecasted and historical renewable energy resources. We combine this information with technology cost projections to chart multiple, affordable, paths to achieve carbon negative targets. We continue to support our clients over time to refine the projections in light of recent developments in the energy space.

  • Planning of Legal, Regulatory, Tendering, and Contractual Frameworks

    Our staff work directly with governments, regulators, utilities, and corporations to provide advice and guidance on the legal, regulatory, tendering, and contractual frameworks governing their energy programs.

    We also coordinate with other service partners to assist with important items such as site selection and compliance with environmental and social standards such as the IFC Sustainability Framework.

  • Information Services

    We provide bespoke up-to-date, forward-looking, reports, analyses, and commentary on the energy industry including at global, country, and organization-specific levels.

    We are also in the process of developing an information platform that will provide functionality we believe will be useful to any professional involved in the energy industry. Stay tuned.

  • Financial Modeling

    We are able to create tailored, robust, financial models to support investment decision-making.